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Over the years we have engaged a growing number of students in our programs

and enterprises!  Each learning opportunity expands student knowledge and informs them about their current and future choices.  Students build marketable skills in agriculture, environmental advocacy, dietetics, education, and food systems while gaining valuable firsthand, life-changing knowledge in education, ecology, and public policy.  We educate more interns each semester as word-of-mouth messaging from an intern's report:

“Check out Common Roots.  It’s the real deal how-to-be-in-the-world, an opportunity like no other”.  Their mission and values are well seeded in our greater community!


20201018_Common_Roots_Farm-9 (1).jpg

​"This has been a really rewarding internship that has opened doors to other opportunities that I would not have been aware of or given the chance to do. I cherish everything that Common Roots has given me, and I hope to bring their mission along with me when I move and be able to continue my impact on communities and individuals around me."

-Intern Katie


"This internship taught me so much! Each person that came through the kitchen or to Flatbread Fridays added to the experience.  I have made deep connections and relationships, had eye-opening reflections, and I will always be grateful for my time at Common Roots and look forward to returning next semester."

-Intern Sophie 

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