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The Farm at
South Village

A Partner in Community Wellness and Farming

At Common Roots Farm, our farm stand patrons are valued partners, working with us to cultivate a healthier community. We're committed to providing the freshest, most nutritious produce, grown using sustainable practices that benefit all of us and our environment.

Our sprawling 220-acre farm, free from harmful chemicals and pesticides to ensure our soil's purity enables to cultivate a robust seven acres using zero chemical suppression methods. We're proud to be one of only 500 farms nationwide to achieve the prestigious Real Organic Project (ROP) certification in 2020. This distinction signifies our unwavering commitment to the highest organic standards, including regenerative soil practices that nourish the land and promote long-term sustainability.

What's Happening
on the Farm?

Herbs, Flowers,
Vegetables, oh my!

Our farmstand will operate just like a small grocery store, offering a variety of local artisan products like bread, milk, frozen meats, cheeses, honey, and house-prepared foods. You'll always find the freshest in organic vegetables & herbs~even seasonal flower bouquets!  

Pantry Items

Our staff Executive Chef, Anthony Jones has 30 years of experience and provides freshly prepared seasonal entrees, soups, sauces, rubs, salsa, pesto, 

baked goods, even pickled produce for your pantry!


About Us

Contact Us on the Farm

(802) 652-0188



everyday except Mondays

we don't like Mondays


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