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Common Roots began as a group of parents, teachers, and farmers who gathered in 2005 to discuss the direction our food systems, agriculture and nutrition was taking. Today we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization connecting farmers, educators, youth, families, and the greater Chittenden County community in our efforts to grow and distribute food locally.

Our Mission


Common Roots connects farmers, educators, youth, and community members to build a sustainable future through food and land stewardship education. By collectively growing food for our programs and food shelves, we celebrate the soil and soul of community. Our regenerative farming practices provide food and soil security nurturing our common roots.

Through our unique approach, we create a thriving community, promote sustainable development, nourish the land, empower education, and ensure food security.

Our Vision

Nourish to Flourish

We strive to create harmony between humans, animals, and plants by preserving and restoring our shared ecosystems.


Our Commitment

Natural Resource Stewardship: We work to promote regenerative soil practices at the Farm at South Village, Underwood property, and Wheeler Homestead, all located in South Burlington, Vermont. These efforts  include wildlife corridor protection, clean water initiatives, maintaining soil fertility, and encouraging renewable energy sources.


Native Studies of Our Community Roots: We engage community members in learning about their local history, ecosystems, cultural heritage, and economy through h Gatherings on the Land. Students, teachers, and people of all ages collaborate to build a vibrant ecosystem, solve environmental and civic problems, and foster a deeper connection to the land. This includes building an all-ages curriculum, field trips, and programs that honor the Abenaki people.

Building the Culture of Wellness: Our programs, farms, and Farmstand connect community members of all ages and backgrounds.


We offer educational, agricultural, and stewardship initiatives:  Educational programs including Farm to School lessons and videos for children (preschool to grade 5).  Farm to Go, an after-school nutrition and cooking program for middle schoolers.  The Farmstand at the South Burlington Food Shelf from May through Thanksgiving, providing organic produce and house-made products for families and households in need.


Our Impact

What's happening at Common Roots?

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