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2024 Summer Camps

Summer Camps & Registration
2024 Brochure  2023 Camp Photos

Talented educators collaboratively nurture the inner life of people of all ages.  We facilitate opportunities for children, families, and the community throughout the year on our farms, in the Seven Sisters Abenaki Garden, and at the Wheeler Homestead. In camps, field trips, workshops, Farm Hop, Maple Moon, and other seasonal gatherings. These experiences are designed to nurture a sense of wonder, and gratitude and offer acts of reciprocity towards the land. 


  • Engages students and families with hands-on gardening experiences at the farm

  • Cultivates joy and builds skills through the planting, weeding, and harvesting cycles

  • Fosters healthy eating, environmental awareness, and land stewardship

  • In recent years 700 – 1,200 students participate in field trips annually

  • Gatherings often include storytelling crafting from nature, land stewardship, and nutrition education.

Each Gathering includes seasonal foods full of vitality


A six-year-old camper had this to say,

“I didn’t know I liked carrots!”

"I didn't know that green beans were Mother Nature's candy!"

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