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Harness the Force of Nature Indoors


If you have a tree or shrub in your yard that flowers in the Spring (Cherry, Crabapple, Forsythia, Lilac, Dogwood, Etc.) Thats all you'll need. Simply cut a handful of branches that have plump bud using clean sharp garden shears at a natural joint (close to the base of the trunk or where it intersects with another branch). Just make sure the branches aren't essential to the form of your tree or shrub.

Bring the spring branches inside, allow them to warm up naturally, then re-cut the bases at a sharp angle under water. Tap the bottoms with a heavy object to spread open the wood to absorb more water. Arrange in a narrow jar, vase, or bottle half-filled with clean water and a few drops of alcohol to prevent bacteria growth. Repeat every few days to keep the flowers lasting as long as possible.

Place the branches out of direct sunlight (but still bright area) and you will likely start seeing blooms in as little as a week. It will take a bit longer if you cut them earlier in the season.

Cooler temperatures will likely keep your forced branches looking their best for longer.

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