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What is R.O.P Certification?

When you visit the Common Roots Farmstand and see the R.O.P. certification symbol it verifies that we honor and protect the invisible microbial regenerative activity in the soil. These complex soil health practices produce foods with a higher nutrient value that taste full of vitality that feeds your gut health that in turn feeds your brain, and mental health. And last but not least feeds our farmers devoted to nourishing our soil. Our inner health depends on those who protect the outer ecology.

You become a partner in educating our community about soil and human wellness. If we all can be the mouths, the voices for our hard-working small-scale farmers across the country, if we all speak for them, our farmers will not starve. Together we can transform agriculture.

This week at Common Roots we highlight Microgreens--or "vegetable confetti"! These delicious sprouts are rich in flavor and despite their small size, contain 40% MORE potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and copper than their fully-grown counterparts! Microgreens pack a super-sized nutritional punch, and growing them indoors, (even in the winter months) is easier than you think. Winter’s hush across the landscape inspires restorative immune support practices boosted by the amazing benefits of microgreens, holders of sunshine, and deep nutrition.

Follow along with our latest educational film... using our demos on composting food waste with earthworms, sprouting and making microgreen confetti recipes, and microgreen yoga.

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